The Property Market comes to Life as Spring Approaches

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Colourful flowers are beginning to bloom, gardens are becoming greener, and the days are
getting warmer and longer. Yes, spring is in the air. This season marks the end of the cold winter
chill and the beginning of sunny days enjoying the great outdoors. It is also a very special time
for real estate as the market tends to shake off the winter blues and embrace the brighter, more
cheerful days.

Most real estate agents report that this season brings in heightened activity as there tends to be
more buyers and sellers on the market. And the reason for this? Well, psychology plays a big part. Spring, has for a long time, been associated with new beginnings, where people get to hit the refresh button on life. This mindset galvanises people, both sellers and buyers to take action and enter the market.

Sellers; Enjoy the Attention

As more buyers begin looking for homes, sellers are encouraged to enhance the appeal of their home to attract serious buyers quicker. Remember, you're competing with the best house in the neighbourhood that's on sale at the same time as yours - so make sure your first impression is a lasting one. You can do this by sprucing up your garden and enhancing your home's curb appeal. Add fresh and bright flowers wherever you can for a welcoming and vibrant first impression.

Spring is a competitive time for buyers who often find themselves competing with other likely candidates for the same home. This is an ideal situation for sellers who are encouraged to reap the benefits of this "buyer rivalry" as this often means faster sales at higher prices without having to settle for lower than expected prices.

Buyers; Enjoy the Choice

Let's face it, the sunny weather makes house-hunting more fun. Buyers enjoy the colourful gardens, brighter homes, warmer days, and the general freshness of the season. For many, they see it as the ideal time to make a purchase as they are expecting bonuses or annual increases.

And although buyers have less negotiating power during this season, there is a distinct benefit that spring brings for them. This benefit comes from more sellers flooding the market at the same time and this means that buyers have more choice when finding a home. When more homes become available it increases the chances of buyers finding one that meets all their needs and unique requirements. In other words, there is a bigger opportunity to pick, choose and refuse!

Both Sides Win

Whichever way you flip the coin, the vibrancy of spring pours into the property market and pays out in big ways for both buyers and sellers. With a bit of research, the right preparation and working with a good real estate agency, your spring sale or purchase can be fruitful and benefit everyone involved.

If you're currently looking to sell your home in the area of Kempton Park and surroundings, list with De Lucia Group today. Our marketing techniques and expert sales abilities will help ensure that your home is sold in the quickest time and at the best price - just as the season intended.

And for buyers, we will help you find your dream home and guide you through the process of homeownership. So if it's time to make use of the choice that comes with spring, speak to us today.

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