With a growing portfolio in commercial, industrial and retail properties our team of dedicated professionals are dedicated to fulfilling the requirements of both owners and tenants.

All prospective tenants will undergo ITC and full background checks, work history and affordability checks as well as tenant profiling prior to signing a rental agreement. We believe that these checks achieve a positive outcome in respect of especially rental properties to limit the risk of loss of monthly income from your investment, or even serious damage that could deplete reserves for ware and tare and general maintenance.

Tenants are valued clients too and are professionally guided in aspects of rental procedure, requirements of the property owner and laws pertaining to the applicable property.

General Tenant Information

A legally-binding rental agreement protects both landlord and tenant by clearly defining the criteria for rental payments, collections and increases, deposits, maintenance issues and damage claims. Experienced rental consultants ensure that the terms and conditions are understood and address any matters that may require further clarification.

Rental deposits protect the landlord’s investment and provide security against damage or default during the period of the lease. All deposits are kept in trust and paid back to the tenant post inspection of the property and less deductions if applicable.

Pre- and post-occupation inspections of the properties are conducted. Damages are itemised and a request for a quote for restoration is forwarded to our Maintenance Department. The final account for restoring the unit to the standard defined by the pre-inspection (taking into account standard wear and tear) is offset against the deposit and the balance is refunded.