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The Low-Down on Levies

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Living in a sectional-title scheme does come with its fair share of perks. For starters, the trustees handle most of the maintenance and day-to-day management

Sectional-title insurance is mandatory, but what does it cover?

Category Sectional-title Advice

Those living in sectional-title buildings pay levies every month and included in this amount is a contribution known as sectional-title insurance.

So how does the voting process work when electing Trustees?

Category Sectional-title Advice

Attendance at the schemes Annual General Meeting is crucial in order for the meeting to proceed, and for decisions taken at the meeting to be binding.

Essential words related to sectional-titles

Category Sectional-title Advice

If you've recently moved into a home located in a sectional-title property such as an apartment, complex or duplex, chances are you may be overwhelmed

A new year means AGM time for sectional-titles

Category Sectional-title Advice

As a new year begins, sectional-title property owners need to get ready for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) where each owner can discuss important issues relat

Handy checklist for holiday home investors in a sectional-title

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It's that time of the year again when people are going away on much-needed holidays to celebrate the festive season after a long year of working hard.

What is the responsibility of the Community Scheme Ombud?

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In every sectional-title property, good governance is the cornerstone of a well-maintained building where residents are happy and proud to live.

The difference between luxurious and non-luxurious improvements

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If you've never heard the terms luxurious and non-luxurious improvements when dealing with sectional-title schemes, you're not alone.

Breaking Down Trustee Governance - A Guide To Duties Of Trustees

Category Sectional-title Advice

Trustees are the elected representatives of the owners in a sectional-title scheme who are entrusted to manage the scheme in good faith


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