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What is the responsibility of the Community Scheme Ombud?

Category Sectional-title Advice

In every sectional-title property, good governance is the cornerstone of a well-maintained building where residents are happy and proud to live.

The difference between luxurious and non-luxurious improvements

Category Advice

If you've never heard the terms luxurious and non-luxurious improvements when dealing with sectional-title schemes, you're not alone.

Breaking Down Trustee Governance - A Guide To Duties Of Trustees

Category Sectional-title Advice

Trustees are the elected representatives of the owners in a sectional-title scheme who are entrusted to manage the scheme in good faith


Category Property News


Breaking Down the Ten Year Maintenance Plan

Category Sectional-title Advice

If you've been following our articles on sectional-titles, you would've come to realise that managing a sectional-title property comes with many rules

Differences between an administrative and reserve fund budget

Category Sectional-title Advice

Levies are considered the lifeblood of every sectional-title scheme as these are used to cover all the costs associated with the scheme. Levies are paid by the

Save by going green

Category Advice

With the current economic conditions in the country, homeowners are trying to save as much money as they can. A smart way to increase spending power is to

The Property Market comes to Life as Spring Approaches

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Colourful flowers are beginning to bloom, gardens are becoming greener, and the days are getting warmer and longer.

Time and Cost Factors when Selling your Property

Category Advice

If you're planning to sell your property with the hope of making a profit, we have good and bad news for you. The good - if done right it can yield incredible

Simple Overview of Homeowners' Associations

Category Sectional-title Advice

When the topic of Homeowners' Association (HOA) is brought up, many new homebuyers are unsure about its roles, functions, and whether or not it applies to them.


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