Short term insurance encompasses all types of insurance policies other than life insurance. These policies will change over time and may include, but is not limited to, vehicle, property, household, personal liability, travel and business insurance. This cover is provided to cover against financial risks to material possessions and place you in the same position you were before an unforeseen event such as an accident, crime or fire.

De Lucia Insurance caters for your changing needs and provides unique affordable cover against potential financial loss that may result from all risks faced by individuals, families and businesses.

Why use a broker

De Lucia Insurance Brokers and Financial Advisors offers personalised individual attention. This gives us the ability to provide cost effective tailor made policies to suite your personal or business requirements. We don’t just sell policies we ensue that we understand your business and personal needs to offer the best cover with the best premium from the an insurer that matches your requirements. Cheap insurance is not necessarily good insurance, what we provide is a comprehensive service  tailored to your exact requirements thereby reducing your monthly premiums.

Claims Handling

De Lucia will ensure that the best interests of the client are put first, we represent you. We will ensure that you are advised correctly and will fight to have your claim settled with the least frustration to you.

As your broker we will handle the claim on your behalf and facilitate all the requirements to have your claim settled in the shortest time. This includes assisting with required documentation and admin functions to prevent you from experiencing unwanted stress and frustration.

We will also ensure that additional services are facilitated with the least inconvenience to our clients. This may include car hire, handyman service and other services which may be required.

De Lucia Insurance Brokers and Financial Advisors – FSP No: 4186

“In our day to day lives we take measures to avoid risk. The same must apply to our assets, ensure that you are covered and ensure that you have a broker with your best interests at heart”

For personalised short-term insurance contact one of our consultants who will give you comprehensive advice and peace of mind knowing that your valued possessions are protected.