Re-invent your Buy-To-Let Property this Summer

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The beginning of summer largely defied the season due to prolonged cold and rainy days that left many people reluctantly replacing their tank tops and shorts with warm jackets and boots. Although the season started off rather dull, the summer sun is now shining-through and people are beginning to enjoy the toasty weather. 
Summer is not only a great time to enjoy the sunny outside, it is also ideal for those who have invested in residential buy-to-let property and are looking to attract tenants. When you embark on renovating/redecorating your rental property, you will come to realise the process is a steady balance between affordability, durability and aesthetic. This is because your home needs to be well-kept in-order to attract good quality tenants, whilst keeping in mind that it is typically more prone to wear and tear than a private home. 
The following four steps will help you achieve this balance and ensure that you end-off this season with an attractive rental home that draws tenants to your door-step without breaking your bank account.  
1. The Right Shade
When it comes to rental homes, neutral colours are the “go-to” options as it appeals to a range of tastes and creates the illusion of more space. It is best to avoid bold and bright colours as these tend to be off-putting and weaken your chances of attracting a serious tenant. A fresh coat of neutral paint, although simple, will enhance the look of your home and give it a renewed feel. The only downfall is its susceptibility to dirt which is more noticeable on lighter shades. For this reason, it is advisable to invest in silk finish paint with high durability as this will make it easier to clean and helps protect against every day wear and tear, saving you time and money in the long-run.  
Perfect neutral shades for living spaces include light greys, creams, beige and white.  
2. Durable Flooring 
Since floors receive the most physical contact, they are naturally the biggest victims of wear and tear and the wrong materials could result in you spending countless amounts of money on fixing your flooring. Tiles are the perfect material as it is not only more durable and easier to clean than carpet, it is more aesthetically pleasing. 
3. Mould-Proof
A sure-fire way to repel tenants is to present them with a home that has signs of mould as this a potential health risk. Mould is a common problem and when left unchecked, it can spread through your home rapidly, cutting through paint/plaster and leaving an expensive trail of destruction along its way that is difficult to remove. To avoid this, prevention is the best solution, therefore it is essential to mould-proof your home before you attempt attracting tenants. 
4. Fill the Gaps
Ensure that any gaps around showers, sinks, baths and windows are filled with Polyfilla to neatly conceal gaps. If this precaution is not taken, this will lead to leaks, mould build-up, damage to counter tops and cupboards as well as allow easy access for insects to enter and infest your home, making it uninhabitable or a distraction for potential tenants.
Investing in buy-to-let property may seem challenging at first, especially if this is the first time you’re embarking on the venture. However, if you present your home in the best light, using aesthetic, durable and affordable materials, you stand a good chance of attracting tenants this summer, whilst also saving money.

Author: De Lucia Group

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