An Easy Guide to Home Viewings

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Those on the market for a new home have entered at a favourable time as South Africa is experiencing a buyers’ market. However, although buyers now stand a better chance of negotiating towards their preferred price, they still need to approach the process with caution particularly during private home viewings and show house days. 

By asking the right questions and examining potential homes closely, you can easily uncover the home best suited to your requirements. The following five tips will help you navigate your way through viewings to ensure that you make the most out of the process.

1. Look closely at the interior and exterior 

When you’re walking through the home, look out for any signs of dampness on the walls, ceilings and in the cupboards. These signs will include watermarked walls, damp patches, peeling paint and damaged skirting boards. A damp home lowers the overall value of the property and those who are sensitive to moulds may experience health problems such as nasal stuffiness and throat irritation when exposed to damp areas. However, there is always the option of repairing the damp areas and waterproofing, although this may be costly. 

While you’re scanning the interior of the home, ensure that you check for leaking toilets and taps, broken cupboards and any other damages. This will help you budget for repair costs and avoid unexpected expenses if you decide to buy the home.

When you are checking the exterior of the home, make sure to look at the condition of the gutter. A well-kept gutter is generally clean, hung property and not clogged with leaves. Other aspects to take into consideration is the condition of the garden, walking paths, driveway and roof tiles. 

2. Storage requirements

Consider all the belongings and furniture that you own, this will allow you to understand how much storage space you will need. Does the home have enough space to store everything you’ve accumulated from your vacuum cleaner, clothing and dishes to your books, children's’ toys and miscellaneous items? If there is not enough storage space, you will be living in a cluttered and cramped space, which will take away from your quality of life. 

3. Consider your lifestyle 

Envision your lifestyle in each home to grasp whether or not it will suit your everyday requirements. For example, if you often have family and friends over or if you are planning to increase the size of your family, you will need to choose a home big enough to suit your entertainment needs or growing family. 

4. Second viewing 

After you have shortlisted the homes you are most interested in, it is essential to arrange a second viewing. This will allow you to see new aspects of the property that you had not noticed before and you can double check everything to confirm if your first impressions were correct. Ultimately, this provides clarity in the process. 

5. The little things matter

To achieve a successful viewing process, don’t forget to interact with the home and real estate agent or owner guiding you throughout. This means that you will need to: 

  • Ask questions about the property such as the security and the distance to the key points of interest.
  • Test various mechanisms and light switches around the house to ensure that it is in working and in good condition.
  • Take your time to explore the entire home so that you can get a feel for the place and do not feel pressured by other viewers or homeowners to rush the viewing.
  • Take pictures of each home as this is very helpful especially after a busy week of viewing many homes. These will allow you to look at the properties at your leisure and helps prevent you from confusing the various homes. 

Uncovering your perfect home is an exciting yet challenging experience. When you’re embarking on private viewings and show houses ensure that you first understand your needs in order to find a home that fits your lifestyle. And always remember to examine the property carefully, ask the right questions and take your time.

Author: De Lucia Group

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